Arctic Grayling Abound at Frontier Fishing Lodge

At Frontier Fishing Lodge, we pride ourselves on the world-class trophy fishing experience we offer all of our guests. While our lodge has been built around the unbelievable Lake Trout fishery, the sheer numbers of trophy Arctic Grayling available to us remains a defining feature our guests have come to appreciate! Once you experience the amazing Arctic Grayling fishery we have at Frontier Fishing Lodge, you will plan your next trip with them in mind!

To see what you can expect, check out the video we have linked below:


Arctic Grayling Fishing in Canada

The Arctic Grayling is a unique and stunningly beautiful species native to North America. Although grayling are prevalent throughout the circumpolar north, the Arctic Grayling here on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake are in a class of their own. Trophy sized fish –greater than 16 inches- are the average size caught by our clients, and on any given day you can expect to catch as many fish as you can handle. Often the first Arctic Grayling you will catch qualifies as a trophy fish but be prepared to catch several fish between 18 and 21 inches. Arctic Grayling over the 22-inch mark are also possible and not uncommon in our waters. We are very proud of the quality of our fishery and we promote the catch and release of all Arctic Grayling to help us sustain this amazing resource.

We are privileged to be located at the mouth of the renowned Stark River, home to one of the world’s best Arctic Grayling fisheries. Frequent and prolific Caddis hatches make it an ideal setting for any avid fly fisherman as dry flies are probably the most productive and entertaining bait. The action never seems to stop during the short open water season and even if the action slows, an angler can easily create a “false” hatch to compel a strike. If that doesn’t work, nymphs and small streamers also produce a lot of fish.

For anglers that would rather use traditional spinning gear, small spinners and jigs are effective baits that can yield some of the biggest Grayling we see each season. Generally all shorelines and rocky points hold large numbers of quality fish that can be targeting with these techniques. More information on gear requirements can be found on our What To Bring page.

Check out our gallery of beautiful arctic grayling pictures! Or, better yet – come join us for some fantastic arctic grayling fishing in Canada!

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