Canada Northern Pike Fishing

Canada Northern Pike Fishing at its Best

Interested in a challenge? Looking for a little excitement? Northern pike fishing in Canada can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Ferocious and bold, these predators provide lots of big fish action! Laying in the shadows of the more abundant lake trout, the angling interest in the big “Northerns” is now coming on strong.

Lucky for us, the pre-Cambrian lakes of the provinces and northern states have provided plenty of targets for the avowed Canadian northern pike fishing pro. At Frontier Fishing Lodge, fish average five to fifteen pounds and can even be in the 25-30 pound class and 40″-50″ range.

Canada Northern Pike Fishing – The Sport of the Catch

Great Slave Lake and the surrounding areas are home to an abundance of northern pike and offer great sport all season long. They lurk, awaiting the angler in shallow bays, creeks, and rivers. What’s the best way to catch them? Use streamers, spoons, jerk baits, bass spinner baits, and worms. Every year, we hear plenty of incredible stories about large trophy pike.

Come Try your Hand at Canadian Northern Pike Fishing

One of the most exciting moments in the life of any sport fisherman is when you are finally face to face with a Canadian northern pike after a long search. There you are, fighting, pulling, and reeling him in.

But, he’s not going to give up so easy. He’ll make you fight for it. You’re giving it everything you got, and with a little luck, you’ll bag this one. Finally, just when you feel like giving up, you bring him in. It was a struggle, but worth every minute. This is a Canadian pike fishing lodge that does it right.

Join us for a Canada northern pike fishing trip you’ll never forget!! Visit our northern pike fishing photos page to see great pictures of the pike you can catch while fishing with us!

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