Canada Northern Pike Fishing

Canada Northern Pike Fishing at its Best

Interested in a challenge? Looking for a ton of excitement? Northern pike fishing in Canada can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Ferocious and bold, these predators provide almost constant, all-day action!

Inhabiting the shallow bays and channels around the East Arm, Northern Pike offer our guests an incredible fishing experience. At Frontier Fishing Lodge, fish average between 5 and 15 pounds, but many fish in the 20-30 pound class and 40″-50″ range are caught every season.

Canada Northern Pike Fishing – The Sport of the Catch

Great Slave Lake and the surrounding area is home to an abundance of northern pike that offer great sport all season long. Late June to mid-July is prime time for targeting Pike, but our professional and experienced guides can put you on fish all season long.

What’s the best way to catch them? Streamers, spoons, jerk baits, bucktail spinners and swim baits work best. Every year, we hear plenty of incredible stories about large trophy pike, and we have lots of pictures to prove it!

Come Try your Hand at Canadian Northern Pike Fishing

One of the most exciting parts of Northern Pike fishing at Frontier is being able to look over the side of the boat and see the fish you are trying to catch. Some days, when the conditions are right, you can literally sight fish for large trophy class Pike in the shallow bays and river mouths that surround the lodge. There is nothing quite like hooking into a fish that you spotted, and specifically targeted with one perfectly placed cast.

Fly fishing for Northern Pike is also a very effective technique, and we have many guests each season that come to Frontier specifically for this reason. The ability to catch a lot of fish, and the opportunity to land a true trophy, is something the brings many clients back each year.

This is a Canadian pike fishing lodge that does it right. Join us for a Canada northern pike fishing trip you’ll never forget!! Visit our northern pike fishing photos page to see great pictures of the pike you can catch while fishing with us!

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