How to sum up an experience at Frontier Fishing Lodge… EPIC! Spent a week exploring the outer most reaches of human exploration on the East Arm courtesy of some of the most experienced and talented guides floating on water. With a mix of perfect stainless still blue sky days to eerie wildfire smoke infused landscapes, exploring the remote waters only accessible from Frontier was an absolute mind explosion. Then there are the fish. The endless, gigantic, beautiful fish, of varying species and colours to completely amaze the imagination. With the big fish come the smaller and much tastier fish that end up cooked in a variety of ways on shore or in the kitchen. Some of my favourites were Chef Gee’s famous trout chowder, smoked jackfish, baked trout, fried trout, grilled trout and the ultimate trout sashimi with wasabi and soya sauce. Then there is the endless fly fishing on the Stark River for beautiful Arctic Grayling which never disappointed and allowed for relaxing casts while watching the sun slowly dip to the horizon at midnight… To top off the week, we brought our inflatable stand up paddle boards and fished some of the best holes all while balancing on a 3′ x 11′ board… one of the best adrenaline rushes of my life hooking up with a monster that can actually pull you around! At the end of the day we would relax in the wood fired sauna or relive the incredible events of the day by the campfire. This will be an annual trip for myself to escape, unwind and enjoy the true beauty of the Great Canadian North. Thank you again to all the staff, guides and guests who made my experience one I will never forget. Tight lines!


Erik Becks

Vancouver, British Columbia.

January 13, 2016

Couples Fishing Adventure


My wife Lynne and I enjoyed every minute we spent at the lodge, and on the water fishing. The service, food, guides and fishing was second to none. If you are looking at the cost which is a very good value, go and you will wonder how they do it. If you like fishing and want to catch fish this the place. Would go in a minute again.

Jim and Lynne.

March 15, 2015

Amazing Father- Son Trip!

In 2014 my son and I spent four terrific fish-filled days at Frontier Lodge on Great Slave Lake. Accomodations were basic but clean and and comfortable. Food was excellent, especially the shore lunches. Staff were accomodating and friendly. Equipment was solid and well-maintained. Our guide was knowledgeable, personable, and went the extra mile to provide us with the best fishing available and to accomodate our preferences. Best of all was the fishing – great variety, numbers and size of fish able to be taken by many different methods. Truly a unique and very enjoyable experience in a special place. We’ll do this again as soon a possible.
Richard Beeken


March 10, 2015

All Time Favourite Trip

I have been going to Canada fishing for over 30 years, mostly in Ontario and Manitoba. I have been blessed to have gone to some very nice fishing lodges, almost all fly ins, over this time and have had spectacular and wonderful trips but I rank my trip to Frontier Lodge as one of my all-time favorite for numerous reasons. First I went to Frontier by myself and the staff at the Lodge, starting with management went out of their way to make me comfortable and were most accommodating in every way starting with making sure I had my own cabin, a handpicked guide based upon what I was looking for and took care of the special arrangements I needed to make my going home schedule manageable. Staff overall were extremely nice and took care of my every need. Food was great! The fishing was FANTASTIC! I have never fished for Lake Trout specifically before and did not know what to expect but starting with day one I caught all the fish I could handle. The management staff and crew at Frontier Lodge really know what they’re doing and I can’t wait to return. This was an excellent trip, five stars all the way.
Ken Jenniges
Frontier Lodge 055

March 4, 2015

First Trip

This was my first fly in fishing trip and I could not have picked a better place to go. Wayne and Debbie have a first class Lodge and Staff to make anyone’s trip memorable. The scenery is spectacular and will keep you busy looking. The fishing is something else and even though I was unable to catch the biggest fish out of the group that was there I was still able to catch a lot of fish, have a lot of fun doing it, and meet some very good people while at the Lodge. Thank you for a great time.

-Glenn Peters, August 2014

September 22, 2014

Grayling Dream Come True

I’m an Arctic Grayling fly fishing fanatic. For a long time I had a goal to find a place where I could catch near record-size grayling – and lots of them. A chance check of Great Slave Lake fishing lodges on the internet lead me to plan, save for and sign-up for an entire week of catching very large grayling. My destination was the Frontier Fishing Lodge on the eastern arm of Great Slave Lake. The trip took place in early July 2012. The accommodations, food, staff and owners were all wonderful. Grayling were hungry and would take just about any wet or dry fly, but more and larger fish were caught on size 14 tan caddis dry flies. I caught a 23 inch grayling (my best ever) and dozens of these beautiful fish from 16 to 22 inches EVERY DAY! I would do nearly anything to be able to go back and do it all again.

Tom R. Johnson
Missouri, USA

grayling-tom johnson

March 12, 2013

The legend of the Pink Lure

The day was partly cloudy and windy with scattered showers, I light-heartedly offered my fellow fisherman the use of my brand new hot pink five of diamonds lure purchased at the general store. He adamantly declined, so I decided to give it a go. We were trolling along 18 mile reef in 15 feet of water, within minutes I was lucky enough to hook and land a 36.5 pound lake trout. Fabulous fun! Thanks to Wayne, Debbie and Frontier Fishing Lodge staff for another memorable trip. Special thanks to our guides Pete & Derek, and to my fishing partner Lance for being a good sport when I caught his fish.

Sheila Stover

P.S. Later that same evening the general store was sold out of the hot pink 5 of diamonds lures…I wonder who purchased them?

July 2012

November 27, 2012

49.5 Pound Lake Trout

Last day of our trip. It had been a good week as we had caught 3 fish over 30lbs. My grandson Tyler and I were fishing together. It was cloudy with a little wind. We started trolling next to Turtle Island. We were trolling herring when I got a very heavy strike. I could tell it was a big fish but little did I know how big. After a 30 minute battle I finally got the fish up to the boat and realized how big it was. We measured it, took pictures and put it back in the lake and it swam away as if nothing had happened. The fish was 49.5 lbs. and estimated to be between 85-100 years old.
I have fished from Alaska to Brazil and this is one of the best run lodges that I have ever been to. This was my 30th trip to Frontier Fishing Lodge. Breathtaking scenery, friendly accommodating staff, along with a French chef, and large comfortable boats.

It’s a great place to fish.

-Bill Pittock July 2012

October 26, 2012

35 pound Lake Trout

The morning of July 15, Olivier and I had decided to go jigging. We knew of a place around 3 humps where in previous years we had very successful fishing. We decided to start on a large flat that is between 160 and 270 feet. Our guide, Corey could not believe his ears, he had never tried so deep before. The fish were there, down deep, as soon as we were hitting the bottom with our heavy jigs and a bit of herring, the fish were responding with very small bites. After several hours the size of the fish were not what we were looking for, so we decided to change our spot. We started trolling around 60 feet, some bites but nothing big. We proceeded nearer to the shore as it was a nice sunny warm day. The water was as clear as the northern sky, as you could see the bottom at 30 feet. Some large trout were warming up in the bright sunshine. No real luck even with smaller lures, they were not interested and our herring were not making a difference.

After lunch, we decided to fish another part of 3 humps. Many fish at about 20 feet, but nothing interesting. Over the past 20 years fishing these waters we are becoming more selective, and would rather catch less fish to try for bigger ones. We then decided to go back in 60 feet where there were bigger arches on the fishfinder. We couldn’t seem to trigger them. We were trolling with spoons and jig heads of 6-8 oz., tipped with herring but no luck. Then we asked Corey to get closer to the shore again, this time in 15-18 feet and do some speed trolling with the boat, so that our big lures were not hitting the bottom, and to give them more action. Normal troll speed is around 4km/hr. We wanted at least twice if not three times that speed. Corey was shocked to go so fast, but soon got the hang of it. I have to say that we had a great guide, he always responded well to our sometimes strange way of fishing.

Immediately, on the first pass, we started to land fish. Olivier took a 20 pounder. I got a 26 lb and more big fish. Then one hit hard, a massive hit that had the reel screaming and the rod bent in half. Corey looked on and said “bottom Michel”. “No bottom” I said. I was forced to open the drag on the reel and the battle began. It was difficult, the trout was very powerful, and we were in the shallows. The fish went towards shore, I asked Corey to gently move the boat to deeper water. He positioned the boat like a pro! The battle lasted a good ten minutes, the fish was very robust. During the fight, I thought it was bigger than the one I caught last year, but no. When it was exhausted, Corey landed it in the boat. It was 35 pounds. After a few photos we returned this beautiful fish alive in the waters of Great Slave Lake to live and fight another day. It will be larger and bigger next year and I will be waiting for its big brother…Roll on 2013…Thanks to all at Frontier Fishing Lodge for making this fishing trip a wonderful experience.

-Olivier, Michel and all the French connection July 2012


50 inch pike

June 29th started like many other days of guided fishing, an early breakfast followed by a boat ride to the fishing destination of the day. I strung up my fly rod and began fishing for pike. On the second cast I landed a small fish, followed by a couple in the 10-14 lb range. The morning proceeded in this way with lots of small pike and a few larger fish, including a ten pounder that turned my 4 piece rod into a 9 piece rod on the hookset. Around noon I hooked into and landed a 20 lb pike, and after the release we continued working the one shoreline. We came to an underwater point, and right away I saw two small pike and began casting to them but then redirected my cast to a larger fish around 10 or 12 lbs. My streamer was slowly sinking and I was about to begin stripping in when my guide yelled “There’s a bigger fish! Recast farther and to the right!” I heaved to get 30 feet of fly line and 7 inches of streamer out of the water, made one false cast, and then landed the fly. I let it sink for about three seconds, began stripping, and saw the trophy move in and take my fly. After 15 incredibly intense minutes of the fish running, rolling, and head shaking, I landed the biggest pike of my life – all 50 inches of it!

The day was incredible, I landed 56 pike, probably 20 of them were 3 feet long or more. I don’t know when I’ll experience a day of pike fishing like that again, but I do know it won’t be long before I try.

-Dustin Styner
June 2011

September 8, 2011