Arctic Grayling Pictures

Arctic Grayling Pictures


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Arctic Grayling Pictures

You can talk about them all you want, but nothing tells the story quite like these arctic grayling pictures. Just look at the size of these beautiful fish! Here you’ll see both action shots, and fishing pictures taken after the fight.

A rare freshwater game fish, the arctic grayling symbolizes the clear, cold streams and lakes of the Canadian wilderness. Unfortunately, it has almost disappeared from the northern part of the United States due to overfishing, competition from introduced species, and habitat loss. Arctic grayling are found in many of the lakes of Canada.

As you see in these arctic grayling fishing pictures, they are an elegant version of the lake whitefish. Other physical characteristics include:

  • Sail-like dorsal fin dotted with large iridescent red or purple spots
  • Their backside is generally dark and their sides are an iridescent gray
  • Black spots scattered along both sides of the anterior portion in various numbers
  • Pelvic fins usually marked with pink to orange stripes, the adipose, tail, pectoral, and anal fins are dusky brown

Arctic Grayling Fishing Pictures

Grayling have the tendency to eat almost anything. What a great thing for you! In fact, of all the fish out there to be caught, it seems that any fishing technique, including bait, lures, and flies, will work at one time or another. In addition, arctic grayling are especially popular due to their willingness to rise to a dry fly.

Make sure you take some arctic grayling pictures when you are here!