Northern Pike Fishing Photos

Northern Pike Fishing Photos


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Trophy Northern Pike Photo Gallery

Nothing tells the story quite like northern pike photos. Just look at the size of these beautiful fish! Here you’ll see both action shots, and northern pike pictures taken after being caught. Canadian northern pike are found in many of the lakes of Canada.

As you see in these northern pike photos, they have an elongated body and head. Their snout is flat and broad. Other physical characteristics:

  • Numerous sharp teeth line their jaws, tongue, roof of the mouth, and gill rakers
  • Far back on their body is a single soft-rayed dorsal fin
  • In these northern pike photos, you’ll see they are variable in color; lake or stream pike are usually light green. Pike from a dark slough or river can be considerably darker
  • The distinctive marking on their sides form rows of yellow or gold spots
  • As you can see in the northern pike fishing photos, they can weigh up to 30 pounds and can even measure over 4 feet in length!

Canadian Northern Pike Pictures

Over the years, the stature of the Canadian northern pike has increased, and it is now an important game fish in Canada. Pike can be caught with medium action spinning, fly fishing gear, or bait casting.

Planning on going into battle with one of these ferocious creatures? Make sure you alter your fishing techniques to use a wire leader. Almost any type of hardware has the potential of producing a strike. Planning on eating your catch? You’ll find this fish to have deliciously firm, white flesh.

Make sure you take some northern pike fishing photos when you are here!