Gateway to

Thaidene Nëné

Fish & Explore Thaidene Nëné

Frontier Lodge. 60+ years of legendary fishing on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, and now your Gateway to Thaidene Nëné, Canada’s newest National Park Reserve.

Frontier has reimagined the traditional northern fly in fishing experience. Reconnecting ourselves to this ancient Land of the Ancestors – to its rugged wilderness and the original people of this place – the Dënesųłıné.

Same world class trophy fishing and warm hospitality, but better.


Frontier Lodge,
like never before

Don’t get us wrong: we’re still focused on offering our clients the world class lake trout, arctic grayling and northern pike fishing Great Slave Lake is known for.

But why are you really coming? or should we say, why are you coming back?

This place gets in your soul. It’s the endless water and endless land. It’s that feeling you get when exploring a new place – and the freedom you always seem to find there.

So by all means, come for the fishing, it’s truly worth it. And while you’re here, experience Frontier like never before.