Last day of our trip. It had been a good week as we had caught 3 fish over 30lbs. My grandson Tyler and I were fishing together. It was cloudy with a little wind. We started trolling next to Turtle Island. We were trolling herring when I got a very heavy strike. I could tell it was a big fish but little did I know how big. After a 30 minute battle I finally got the fish up to the boat and realized how big it was. We measured it, took pictures and put it back in the lake and it swam away as if nothing had happened. The fish was 49.5 lbs. and estimated to be between 85-100 years old.

I have fished from Alaska to Brazil and this is one of the best run lodges that I have ever been to. This was my 30th trip to Frontier Fishing Lodge. Breathtaking scenery, friendly accommodating staff, along with a French chef, and large comfortable boats.

It’s a great place to fish.

Bill Pittock

July 2012

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