A 28 Pound Lake Trout and Then Some More

Fishing the waters surrounding Frontier Fishing Lodge has been one of the best and most memorable experiences in my angling life. The sheer size and numbers of lake trout, pike and Arctic grayling still blows my mind. Can you go anywhere else in the world and land 20 pike in the morning, 20 lakers after lunch and 20 grayling before going to bed? I don’t think so!

Everybody thinking about taking a fishing trip up north should consider visiting Frontier Fishing Lodge—where every single one of Debbie and Wayne’s guests will have the chance of catching the fish of their lifetime. I don’t think I have ever seen so many trophy fish in one week, and I could go on and on about my experiences, the fish we caught but: you just wouldn’t believe the spectacle of fighting a 28-pound laker on the fly rod or of a 20-inch grayling raising for your dry fly. It is fishing at its best, and you better come to see for yourself!
Add knowledgeable guides, friendly staff, tasty meals and gracious hosts and you have the eclectic mix for a perfect fishing vacation!

-Hendrik Breuer

June 10, 2010

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