Arctic Grayling Fishing

The Arctic Grayling is a unique and stunningly beautiful species that’s truly in a class of its own at Frontier. Which is why it’s become the guiding theme for our logo.

We are privileged to be located at the mouth of the renowned Stark River, which is one of, if not the premiere Arctic Grayling fisheries in the world. It’s a special place for many guests, full fond memories of evenings spent wading the slower sections of the river under the light of the midnight sun.

For anglers who haven’t yet experienced the Stark, it can be easily defined by the sheer numbers of large Arctic Grayling who inhabit its slow riffles, pools and runs as well as the frequent and prolific Caddis hatches that support them! In the Stark, trophy sized fish –greater than 16 inches – are the average, and on any given day you can expect to catch as many fish as you can handle. To help us sustain this incredible resource, we require the release of all Arctic Grayling caught from the waters of the Stark River.

While there’s nothing quite like drifting a dry fly over a pool full of trophy grayling, anglers that would rather use traditional spinning gear will have great luck in the deeper sections of the river, or along the shorelines and rocky points of Great Slave Lake, both of which hold large numbers of quality fish.

Please Note: We always recommend taking a few casts at Shore Lunch while your guide is busy cooking!


For more information on gear requirements, please check out our What to Bring page.