Great Slave Lake

Canadian Fishing at Great Slave Lake

Frontier Fishing Lodge is located on the east arm of Great Slave Lake, in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The lake is well known for lake trout fishing, arctic grayling, whitefish, and northern pike fishing, and is the second largest lake in Canada at 10,980 sq mi (28,400 sq km).

Great Slave Lake has been the home of our lodge for many years. It’s simply a beautiful place to fish. We’ve seen many anglers come through our resort since we started, and two things can definitely be said: every day promises to be another day of great fishing – and fishing stories!

And the pictures we have on our walls can attest to it. There are just so many places here at the lake to fish – there’s room enough, and fish enough, for everyone.

Lake Fishing in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The most interesting fact about Great Slave Lake? During winter it is frozen enough for large trucks to drive across. In fact, until 1967 goods were shipped across the ice to Yellowknife.

After this time, an all-season highway was built around the lake. Great Slave Lake’s western shores are heavily wooded, and the long east and north arms meet up with the icy tundra. Makes for spectacular lake fishing scenery.

Truly nature’s wonderland for all of us, this lake is a Canadian fishing dream come true!