At Frontier, our goal has always been to offer our clients the best possible fishing experience we can. It’s no secret that Great Slave Lake is a bucket list destination that anglers from around the world dream of fishing. So, we owe it to everyone to ensure that we’re practicing catch and release fishing, with proper and safe handling techniques to guarantee this amazing fishery continues to thrive.

We realize that the vast majority of anglers today want to do their part in this conservation effort, so part of our stewardship plan includes our catch and release incentive program as a way of thanking each and every one of our clients for doing their part in ensuring our fishery remains world class!

Each year we reward our anglers for conservation:

  • Largest lake trout released will receive a 7-day trip – FREE!
  • Second prize will receive a 3-day trip – FREE!
  • Third prize – replica mount of your fish – FREE!

Other ways we work to sustain our trophy fishery include:

  • The mandatory use of barbless hooks in all of our waters
  • All trophy fish are required to be released, including all Arctic Grayling from the Stark River,
  • Single barbless hooks are to be used when fishing for Pike in Stark Lake.