When I first found out about Frontier Fishing Lodge, I was hesitant to even apply… it was too far from home, a huge body of water that I wouldn’t know where to begin, and could I even handle the guests?! Something inside of me made me go, something to this day I can’t explain. It was just something I had to do…So I put my life on hold, and away I went. After three flights and a quick boat trip across the most gorgeous river I had even laid my eyes on, I realized that in fact my life wasn’t on hold, it was just starting! All I can say now after having worked up there, is that I had never experienced a place like Great Slave lake before. This body of water is truly breathtaking accompanied by some of the most gorgeous natural scenery around. This place makes me so proud to be Canadian and most of us have never even seen it. I like to call it “the closest thing to my heaven on earth”. I can’t tell you how many days we caught over 100 fish in a day, but I can tell you I remember all the giants that graced me with their presence and left me with yet another picture of a giant lake trout or grayling for my huge scrapbook, that until working there was only one tenth the size it is now. I spent three seasons up there from 2006 to 2008 as a guide and now work for one of the largest tackle manufacturing companies designing lures and tackle. Now every summer I find myself looking out my office window daydreaming I was still in that boat at Frontier watching my guests smile and laugh as they land yet another fish and complain how sore their arms are. I owe a lot to that lodge and Great Slave lake, it definitely changed me from a boy into the man I am today. If you haven’t gone to Frontier before, you owe it to yourself to experience something like this, a trip up there is truly magical. And for those of you that have already travelled up there, we both know you’re probably already planning yet another trip to the lodge.

This place will change you!

-Dan Miguel

June 9, 2010

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