How to sum up an experience at Frontier Fishing Lodge… EPIC! Spent a week exploring the outer most reaches of human exploration on the East Arm courtesy of some of the most experienced and talented guides floating on water. With a mix of perfect stainless still blue sky days to eerie wildfire smoke infused landscapes, exploring the remote waters only accessible from Frontier was an absolute mind explosion. Then there are the fish. The endless, gigantic, beautiful fish, of varying species and colours to completely amaze the imagination. With the big fish come the smaller and much tastier fish that end up cooked in a variety of ways on shore or in the kitchen. Some of my favourites were Chef Gee’s famous trout chowder, smoked jackfish, baked trout, fried trout, grilled trout and the ultimate trout sashimi with wasabi and soya sauce. Then there is the endless fly fishing on the Stark River for beautiful Arctic Grayling which never disappointed and allowed for relaxing casts while watching the sun slowly dip to the horizon at midnight… To top off the week, we brought our inflatable stand up paddle boards and fished some of the best holes all while balancing on a 3′ x 11′ board… one of the best adrenaline rushes of my life hooking up with a monster that can actually pull you around! At the end of the day we would relax in the wood fired sauna or relive the incredible events of the day by the campfire. This will be an annual trip for myself to escape, unwind and enjoy the true beauty of the Great Canadian North. Thank you again to all the staff, guides and guests who made my experience one I will never forget. Tight lines!

Erik Becks
Vancouver, British Columbia.

January 13, 2016

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