Experience the Northern Lights

At Frontier, there’s no need to pile into a bus for a midnight ride out of town to escape the light pollution of the city. Simply step outside the comforts of your private log cabin and look to the skies!

After several months of almost 24hr daylight from May – July, we begin seeing faint traces of Aurora Borealis as the sun finally begins to set in early August. By the middle of the month, true darkness descends on the Lodge and the Northern Lights are almost a nightly event.

As a rule, the further into Fall we go the more spectacular the lights can be, and by the time we get into September the Aurora truly seem to take off. Our location offers vibrant shows of green and purple bands dancing across the skies over the Lodge and Great Slave Lake which normally last for hours. It’s truly a sight to behold and reason enough to visit the East Arm and Thaidene Nëné!

Northern Lights Packages

Offered from mid-August through September

Take advantage of our unique location, under the Aurora Oval, at the Gateway to Thaidene Nëné!

Experience the spectacular Northern Lights, and explore Canada’s newest National Park Reserve from our remote lodge!

  • Search out herds of Muskox on the shores of Great Slave Lake
  • Go hiking in the stunning boreal landscape surrounding the East Arm
  • Let us introduce you to local Dënesųłıné culture through our local operators !
  • Enjoy our World Class Fishing!

Daily Thaidene Nënè Experiences are included in the package price.

Packages start at $2,500.00 + 5% GST per person
Includes scenic flights from Yellowknife, NWT


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