Canada Fishing Lodge Pictures

Canada Fishing Lodge Pictures

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Photos of Our Canada Fishing Lodge

Every amenity you could ever need. All the services you’ve come to expect. Here, you’ll see the many images of our Canada fishing resort. This Canadian fishing lodge has a charm and appeal that equals the great fishing that made us famous.

Our log cabins are warm, inviting, private, and rustic. At Frontier Fishing Lodge, a Canada fishing camp with no equal, you’re sure to enjoy world-class fly in fishing, but you’ll also be able to truly escape from the outside world.

Where else can you find yourself on the other end of the line from a 40 pound monster lake trout? The adrenaline that will be pumping through you will be incredible!

Where else can you land 20 fish in a day? All of this – and more – can be experienced here.

Frontier Fishing Lodge – The Finest Canada Fishing Camp and Resort

Do you plan on coming as part of a large group? We can accommodate you. In fact, we are one of the few Canadian fishing lodges that have accommodations suitable for up to 30 guests at any one time.

How about some great home cooking? At Frontier Fishing Lodge, the premier Canada fishing resort, we’re famous for our delectable meals. Not only do we fly in fresh fruits and vegetables, but we serve gourmet fare! When you join us, you’ll enjoy phenomenal fishing – and the great sense of relaxation our lodge provides. Now that is Canadian.

So what else could there be? Our hospitality. In fact, the only thing better than our Canada fishing lodge is the warm people that make up our staff here at Frontier Fishing Lodge. We look forward to your visit! We’ll be waiting for you.


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If the looks on the faces of our guests don’t tell the story, just look at the size of some of these trophy fish. Lake trout, northern pike, fly fishing, and anglers in action. Be sure to browse through the entire gallery of fishing pics; they grow bigger here than anywhere else in the world.

Record Fishing Pictures

There simply is no other place where you can find this quality of fishing. Northern pike that can get up to 30 pounds and measure more than 4 feet in length? Incredible. Lake trout that have come in at 45 pounds? It happens here at Frontier Fishing Lodge. These amazing fishing pictures definitely showcase the potential catch.

You’ll see in these great fishing pictures, including pictures of trout and northern pike, that our guests are having a great time! And why not – they just spent a wonderful day on our lake with good friends. So what are you waiting for? Get up here and join us for your next vacation! We want to place a fishing picture of you and your trophy catch on our wall of record fishing pics.