The East Arm of Great Slave Lake

The East Arm of Great Slave Lake

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The East Arm of Great Slave Lake – Land of the Midnight Sun

From the Northern Lights to its towering cliffs, the East Arm has something for everyone. A place of both spectacular scenery, and quiet reflection, these incredible pictures showcase our special piece of fishing heaven within the Northwest Territories.

The Northern Lights & Wild Canadian Wilderness Await

Many people inquire about the incredible Northern Lights when they visit us. This spectacular natural phenomenon, seen from the beginning of August to early September, has an array of red, green, blue, and violet colors. This is a visual event that you will remember for a lifetime.

When is the best time to visit the East Arm? Whenever you can make it is probably the best answer. In terms of fishing, the summer months of June through August are the BEST! Northern Pike anglers should look to travel early in the spring, (June and early July), while we recommend that dedicated trout hunters are better suited to later in the season (Early July – Late August).

Enjoy the images you see here. But don’t let these pictures of the East Arm be the only way you see the country. Come visit us for your next vacation! Frontier Fishing Lodge offers fishing trips for everyone. The land of the midnight sun awaits!