Canada Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout Fishing in Canada

How would you like to catch a 50 lb fish while you’re here? It can be done! In fact, it’s been done a lot around here. Trophy trout fishing and trout fly fishing are big here. The surface fighting “lakers” of the Northwest Territories are similar, by scientific definition, to the lake trout of southern Canada, but that is where the similarity ends.

Their behavior on the end of a line must be experienced to be believed. Veteran anglers compare their behavior and fighting qualities with that of the brook trout. This applies particularly to the lake trout in the 10 pound and under class.

They tend to fight on or near the surface, alternately diving and breaking water in an effort to throw the lure. The larger lakers are more inclined to run for deep water when hooked and “bulldog” in the depths.

Lake trout are found all through the lake and fish over 100 lbs have been recorded in Great Slave Lake.  Thirty to forty pounders are common, and there is an excellent possibility that lake trout capable of breaking the world record await anglers in the lake not far from our lodge. The best Canada lake trout fishing awaits!

Visit our trout pictures page to see monster lake trout caught by Frontier Fishing Lodge guests.

Try Trout Fly Fishing Here at Frontier!

Great Slave Lake is one of the best lake trout fisheries in the world because thousands of these plentiful fish swim at shallow depths all season long in the cold lake water. Trophy trout are found everywhere here at Frontier Fishing Lodge.

Hang on – these babies hit hard, especially in trout fly fishing! If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that you’ll be rewarded by these ferocious, strong, and aggressive fish. They will give you a big fight, but lots of fun.

When you finally do reel one in, you’ll be tired, but you’ll also respect the power of this incredible fish. Good memories until the next time you come see us for Canada lake trout fishing!

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