Fly Fishing Canada

The Best Fly Fishing Canada Offers

Northern Pike

The fly fisherman’s dream! Pike rarely pass up a perfectly placed fly. Catching these aggressive predators is not only a total thrill, it’s one of the great experiences in the sport fishing world. Canada fly fishing at its best!

For the best fly fishing techniques, we recommend using an 8-wt. or 9-wt. 9′ rod with both floating WF and WF rapid sink tip lines with 20-30 lb. test backing. Use a 14-18 lb. test tapered leader/tippet, and wire leaders are essential. With floating lines, you may wish to use a fly line one size up from the rod weight – an 8-wt. rod uses a 9-wt. line. Ready for your fly fishing vacation?

Northern pike flies:

  • Big hair bugs like the Dahlberg Diver and Whitlock Mouserat
  • Large streamers
  • Large poppers
  • We recommend weed guards on your flies. Wire leader material is essential


Lake Trout

Fly fishing for trout can be easy if done correctly. Throughout June and early July lake trout will take dry flies under calm conditions. For the best Canada fly fishing of this prized catch, we suggest using a 9-wt. or 10-wt. fly rod, two spools of line, one with fast sink tip or sinking line and the other with floating, enabling you to cover the water column.

Lines should have 20-30 lb. test backing. With floating lines you may wish to use a fly line one size up from the rod weight – a 9-wt. rod uses a 10-wt. line. This is fly fishing Canada style!

Trout flies:

  • Large streamers
  • Surface flies such as Lefty’s Deceiver
  • Poppers
  • Tarpon flies
  • Red/white, blue/white and silver work well
  • 1/0 hooks are recommended.


Arctic Grayling

We recommend an 8.5′ or 9′ 5-wt. or 6-wt. rod with both floating and moderate sink-tip lines, with 4x-6x knot-less tapered leaders/tippet. With floating lines you may wish to use a fly line one size up from the rod weight – a 5-wt. rod uses a 6-wt. line with these techniques. This is Canada fly fishing the way it should be.

Grayling flies:

  • Wets and nymphs:
    • Various Bead Head Caddis
    • Wooly Worm
    • Hare’s Ears
    • Stonefly nymphs
  • Dries:
    • Elk Wing Caddis
    • Adams
    • Blue Dun
    • Mosquito
    • Royal Coachman
    • Browns, blacks, tans and olives, size 10, 12, 14.



Fly fishing Canada – the vacation of a lifetime at Frontier Fishing Lodge. Contact us today to book your all-inclusive Canada fly fishing vacation!