Safe Catch and Release Fishing

Safe Catch and Release Fishing

2017 Catch and Release Incentive Program Winners:

1st Place – Len McCaig, Edmonton, Alberta

2nd Place – Doug Sherstan, Edmonton, Alberta

3rd Place – Zach Englhardt, Palo Alto, California

Safe Catch and Release Fishing

As the number of anglers increases in Canada, the continuation of our high quality sport fishing depends upon more people practicing safe catch and release fishing.

While it’s important to provide great fishing opportunities for all of our guests, it’s equally important to assure the conservation of Canada’s stocks of fish. When you harvest only those fish you will use and release the rest of your catch unharmed, everyone benefits.

As a result of this, our catch and release incentive program has been implemented on a voluntary basis to help enhance the trophy lake trout fishery and northern pike fishing stock. The use of barbless hooks is mandatory. We also offer some GREAT incentives when you do your part in this conservation effort. The following catch and release fishing prizes are awarded:

  • Largest lake trout released will receive a 7 day trip – FREE!
  • Second prize will receive a 3 day trip – FREE!
  • Third prize – replica mount of your fish – FREE!

We encourage and support safe catch and release fishing conservation.

Canada Catch and Release Fishing

When you come to Frontier Fishing Lodge, we will show you how to catch and release your fish. Our professional fishing guides will:

  • Help choose your tackle.
  • Land your catch.
  • Handle your catch.
  • Remove your hook.
  • Revive your catch.
  • Release your catch.

When you effectively practice and use catch and release techniques, you’re also assuring that your fish will be in the best possible physical condition when released back into the waters. Canadian catch and release fishing is an important part of our program here at Frontier Fishing Lodge.