Fishing for Beautiful Lake Whitefish

Whitefish are one of the most abundant groups of fish in Canada. They are also important in the food chain, as they are dinner for many predatory fish.

Whitefish are silver-colored with large scales, fleshy dorsal and adipose fins, and have no teeth. For those wanting a change, a fly or jig will do the trick with these fish. The previous world record (12 lbs., 9 oz.) was caught in front of our lodge during 1972.

The lake whitefish is the most valuable commercial freshwater fish in Canada. This fish also has exceptionally fine flavor, and whitefish eggs are sometimes used as caviar.

Come to our Canada Fishing Lodge for Lake Whitefish

  • Whitefish have rounded cigar-like bodies with tiny, pointed snouts and single nasal flaps.
  • The upper jaw extends out over the lower so the mouth is underneath, or inferior.
  • Young whitefish have parr marks, and dark transverse bands, which disappear in their second year.

How do you catch the whitefish? They are a deep-water fish and go deep during the summer. Our Canada fishing lodge recommends using a three-way swivel system with a Zero Mepps, Blue Fox, or small black and silver Rapala.

Troll very slowly in about 35-55 feet of water. Small baits and lures must be used to catch this fish. Whitefish will sometimes hit a bigger lure like a Rapala or Thunderstick but generally the hooks on these lures are too big for the whitefish’s tiny mouth.

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