Testimonials for our
Canada Fishing Lodge


The lodge is noted for its cooking, and visitors from all over the world maintain it is as good as that offered in fine restaurants, with fresh fruit and vegetables flown in.

This is a spectacular wilderness retreat, pollution free and isolated, even from the mining industry. Its fishing is phenomenal and within easy reach of the lodge by boat. The only thing one wishes for here is more time.
– A. J. McCLANE (Retired) Executive Editor, Field & Stream.


I was surprised and impressed to find such fabulous grayling fishing in the Stark River, so close to the lodge and a delight on the ultralight spinning tackle or fly rods.

The lake trout of Great Slave Lake, of course, were large, plentiful, and hard-fighting. Top this off with beautiful surroundings, superb shore lunches, and warm hospitable accommodations and you have a first-class experience.
– KEN SCHULTZ, Associate Fishing Editor.

The Best Canada Northern Pike and Lake Trout Fishing


One day I grew, not bored but slightly surfeited catching the Stark River grayling on dry flies, and took a half day off trolling up some lake trout. In 3 1/2 hours I hooked 17 of them and succeeded in boating eight. That is a fish approximately every 12 1/2 minutes. Water temperature was 54 F, so the trout are right on top. Those that got away just took charge of the fight and beat me.


The five waters – Great Slave, Stark & Murky Lakes, the Stark & Snowdrift Rivers – which one can reach from Frontier must be ranked among the world’s greatest angling waters. Each has a unique fishing experience to offer; each has its own special memory it will leave you with. The sparkling leap of a grayling at the end of your flyline, the great surge of a striking pike, the burnished shadow of a huge lake trout as he comes reluctantly to the surface, are all accessible memories.

The lodge is also a locale of relaxation, comfortable accommodations, generous and excellent meals, and helpful and warm people. It is there, waiting to be discovered by you. By all means have at it.
– THOMAS McINTYRE, Contributing Editor.

The Wonder of Canada Fishing Trips – Fly in Fishing for All


Fishing has always been good on the remote eastern arm of Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. But I was delighted to discover on a trip to Frontier Fishing Lodge, after some years’ absence, that the fishing is better than ever!

The lake trout average around 8-10 lbs. and grayling in the nearby Stark River are larger than any I’ve found in Alaska or elsewhere. Along with northern pike, which will readily strike artificial, it is a fly rodder’s paradise.
– HARTT WIXOM, State Editor.


I had been to Great Slave Lake a few years ago and while we had good fishing for lake trout it was nothing compared to what I experienced this past year at Frontier Fishing Lodge.

Whether fly fishing, trolling, or casting it was never longer than ten minutes until we had a lake trout take our lure or fly. I also loved the homey atmosphere of the camp, the great cooking and, last but certainly not least, the top notch guides!

– DON LAMONT – Host, The Complete Angler t.v. show.

“Wayne and Debbie – Jacob and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for making Jacob and I feel special. I am longing already to organize and go back. Three days at home and I am ready to be back at your lodge. Enough said: I will never go to the coast Salmon fishing knowing you have the resource you do have.”  – Ken New

“I had certain expectations for the trip and these expectations were so far exceeded that it is hard to put into words. Thank you so very much for creating memories that I will never forget.” – Ken Jenniges